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Aladdin and Mulan

Mulan came out when I was in high school and not interested in Disney movies. I did end up watching it my senior year while I was babysitting and fell in love with it despite myself. Through the years I've watched it on and off and will say I'm more familiar with it than I am a lot of the Disney movies I grew up with. I even debated about it with people I knew in college. I had a group of friends who were really judgmental of the fact that Mulan lied about her gender to get into the army. According to them, after her treachery was revealed, her army pals had every right to distrust her because she was a liar.

It didn't matter that she was doing it for a good reason. It didn't matter that she had saved everyone's life. It didn't matter that society was structured in a way that gave her a huge disadvantage because of her gender. It didn't matter that most people lie every day (for example, how many times have you answered "fine" to the question "how are you today" when you're anything but fine?). Mulan was a liar, and because of that the way her army pals treated her after her gender was revealed was perfectly correct.

Today I rented "Aladdin," which I've not watched since I was a little girl and really haven't thought much about in years. It fell into the category of movies my sister liked more than me (I was The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast all the way, she was Aladdin and Lion King), so I remembered it and stuff, but my go-to nostalgia movies are Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. So it hit me hard when I realized that Aladdin lied about who he was, essentially to get into Jasmine's pants, and he is never judged for it. In the show he is given a free pass, because "true love" I guess. And while I hear people diss on Mulan for lying and rake her on the coals for it, I've yet to hear people diss Aladdin for it.

And I want to pull my hair out.
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Fanfic: Slayers Resolution, Ch 9

Title: Slayers Resolution Ch 9 of 26, Ickipoo! The Butchered Past, the Resultant Future!
Characters/Pairings: Lina/Gourry, Zel/Amelia
Ratings/Warnings: None
Plot: The gang bands together for what they think is a treasure hunt but finds that the world is once again in mortal peril! This is an updated version of the first fanfic I ever wrote, which was under a different name back in 2002.


Anime Review: Erased

As I've gotten older certain anime tropes have started to annoy me more and more. So Andy watches a lot of crap and then wades through it and says, "hey, let's watch this together" or "I want to get your feedback on this one."

And thus we watched Erased together, and it's one of the most innovative anime concepts I've seen in awhile that also managed to avoid all of the tropes that annoy me. The plot is a young man (age 29) has the ability to go back in time and stop fatal events before they happen. When a serial killer who murdered some of his classmates when he was eleven starts killing again, he goes back in time to his 11 year old self and tries to stop the original series of murders from ever happening.

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Progress on the Gender Front?

Back in college I took a class on The Philosophy of Science Fiction. I think it was when we were discussing an Ursula K. LeGuin novel that issues of gender came up. Back then I was 19 and having kids wasn't even a thought on the horizon, but I listened as several classmates talked about having one of each gender and how they gave their boys dolls and their girls cars, but all their kids rejected the non-gender conforming toy. I took umbrage and insisted that even if they were progressive, we live in a culture that strongly promotes gender stereotypes.

I sort of figured if I had kids, it would be two girls like what I had growing up. When I had B, I figured if I had a second it would also be a boy. My mom is one of four girls, my dad one of two boys, and even my cousins who all came in sets of two siblings, it's pretty much two of the same gender with the exception of one brother-sister combo, so we just don't have a lot of the mixed gender siblings in my family. But G was a girl, so much to my surprise I ended up having one of each.

And I wondered if I would find myself eating my words and having to admit that boys prefer boy toys and girls girl toys.

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G on Her Second Birthday

Two years ago, I woke up, 11 days past due and mad as hell that I was still pregnant. Some time after that my water finally broke and I finally got to meet my little girl. She woke up with a fever today, poor little girl, but that didn't stop her from wanting to wear her new dress, and for once I actually got some decent shots of Little Miss Anime Eyes.
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Because I Care Way too Much About This

There's a poll for favorite Slayers character on Tumblr. VOTE FOR LINA! She is being beaten by the male characters, and considering she is a feminist icon in her very own show, not the mention the best character of all time, this is not acceptable and is strangely getting me very mad. Vote for Lina here!

Is 2 Too Young for Slayers?

Miss G turns 2 on Weds (though I feel the event has come and gone three times over as she became mentally 2 in December). Today while getting ready to pick B up I got finished getting ready earlier than planned and had 10 minutes to kill. I didn't want to start any big project because I hate interrupting myself once I get into the flow, so I pulled up Youtube with G. Sick of the same old Disney cartoons and Broadway performances, I pulled up the Slayers openings and...

G really liked it! I had to coax her a bit to be amenable to picking up brother. So now I'm wondering if 2 is too young for Slayers or not. I seem to remember the original VHS tapes being labeled for 3 and up which my sister and I always laughed at.
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Butchered Characters #2: Sylphiel

Some (positive) comments I received after my latest chapter for The Choice got me thinking about how I started and dropped this. Pretty much, in the transition from novels to anime, some characters were about the same, some stronger, others not so much.

Sylphiel is a bit of a mixed bag as the anime did add something that I enjoyed tremendously: being able to form a friendship with Lina that really is not there in the novels. But overall, a lot of what made Sylphiel a cool character in the books was taken from her in the anime.
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Help Me Name Lina's Parents

OK, ya’ll. I’ve had several people pestering me about doing more with Lina’s parents. And, despite the fact that they’ve featured in several of my fanfics, I actually hate having to write them for the stupidest reason. I don’t know their names and I have no way of divining what Hajime Kanzaka would have named them. Therefore, I write them as minimally as possible. I also have this bizarre complex about getting something wrong, and their names are a big sticking point with me because of this. Granted, I did name them in “Fly Away,” but I was thinking of names that went with the theme of the story, so I never used those elsewhere.

So, to help me over this complex I have about naming them, I’m creating a poll. I’ve included several famous couples, several of which have a black haired male and red haired female (there’s no cannon evidence that I know of that Lina’s mom is a redhead, but that’s my own pet theory). One, Han and Leia, I chose because it’s so obvious from “Slayers” that HJ is a “Star Wars” fan, so I might as well include the cannon couple from those movies. Ya’ll have a week to pick your favorite and then I will go with that.

Anyway, click here and it’ll take you to the poll.


-My kids have recently started watching "Masha and Bear." One day B found it on Netflicks and insisted on watching it (he usually doesn't try shows he's not familiar with, so I wonder if they showed it at daycare or someplace) and they've been glued to the screen with it. Lately to find new episodes I went on Youtube and found some in the original Russian language, and watching it in Russian doesn't phase them one bit. Now I have a bad feeling they're going to learn Russian and conspire to take over the household.

At any rate, the music is extremely catchy, and Andy and I are often bemused by it because, as parents, we really relate to Bear. In fact, if someone is thinking about having a baby and wants to know what the experience of raising a child is like, I would advise them to watch "Masha and Bear." And if they think they could put up with the crap that Bear does day in and day out, then they're ready.

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