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I'm Back!

I'm back! Possum Kingdom Lake was BEAUTIFUL! Got into my hotel room with a private balcony facing the dark blue lake and as soon as I found my boss I told her how much I love working there.

Unfortunately there wasn't much time to explore it, so I've decided I'll be back with the kids someday. The first day I was fine, in the middle of the second one I started to miss them terribly, and once I got home the stomach bug I'd been getting the early warning signs of that I thought was altitude sickness hit in full bloom. Can we say horrible timing? Hoping it settles down tonight so I can spend some good time with them tomorrow and not have to drop them off with someone (though at least I have people/places to drop them off with).

Good break, good change of routine, happy to be home and hoping I'll feel better soon. And below, pics!

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Tomorrow I am leaving for a work retreat. I am equal parts excited and nervous. Looking forward to a change in the routine and time away from the metroplex, but it will also be the longest I've been away from G since she was born. And I'm giving a presentation, and while I'm fine teaching and doing group therapy stuff, something about giving a presentation in front of my boss and co-workers is driving up the anxiety.

Hoping there will be plenty of time for fun, relaxing activities. I've heard it's very pretty where we're going and there's a lot for nature enthusiasts, so hopefully there will be time for hiking. And reading.

Anyway, hopefully this will be a productive time away and give me time to reflect and think about my place in the cosmos and the grand scheme of things and where I go from here and all that jazz.


I was a huge astronomy nerd in high school, in fact, I wanted to become a planetary astronomer for awhile and even started out as a physics major to do so, so I've been waiting, even advocating, for a Pluto mission since high school, years before New Horizons even took off.

So even though B woke me up at 4AM because he was just so excited about the fly by (ok, ok, he didn't give a damn, he had a nightmare!), I've been in a state of exhilaration all day! The new images of Pluto are just beautiful and it's so exciting to see it in such detail for the first time ever!

Though, I have been face to face with scientific illiteracy. Watching NASA tv and seeing the poor PR person field question after question from people who had no idea what they were talking about was painful, and I'm not sure if it was my sleep adled brain or what, by they seemed to ask the same three questions over and over again. I commend that PR man for his patience.

And I had two people, in response to me talking about the fly by, say they would have stepped outside to see it but didn't because of the clouds or they overslept. Um...yeah. So, um, let's have more science in the schools now, sounds good!

And when I told B and G at supper that we have now sent probes to all planets, or I guess in this case the first discovered dwarf planet, or just everything in My Very Excellent Mother..., in the solar system, B was just so excited he started screaming "no, no, no, no" and G just started screaming. I guess they just really wanted to lead the first mission to Pluto themselves when they grew up and they were morning the lost opportunity.

OK, off to sleep, hoping neither kid has nightmares.

If Slayers Were Live Action...

So, ever since I saw “Thor”, I decided that on the 1% chance that they ever make a live action “Slayers” movie/tv show, etc, Chris Hemsworth would be the perfect Gourry. Considering how...enthusiastically Lina praises his looks in the novels (”cue the chorus of angels”) Chris Hemsworth is the only man for the role. He’s good looking enough that I, a sapiosexual who rarely notices physical appearances, will admit that he is every bit as good looking as the hype about him suggests.

But I never had a good actress in mind for Lina until I saw Terminator Genisys last night (go see it, it is awesome). And watching it I decided Emilia Clarke would be an amazing Lina. Never seen “Game of Thrones,” though I’ve read the books, so never seen her before last night.

Anyway, Chris Hemsworth and Emilia Clarke. Make it happen Hollywood! Does anyone have any suggestions for the other characters, or alternatives for those I listed?


Title: Of Cursed Lands and Cursed Lines, Ch 5 of 6
Characters/Pairings: Lina/Gourry
Warnings: child abuse and violence
Plot: Gourry's past catches up to him when his brothers track him down and try to force him to return to the Elmekian Empire. Novels continuity, set after the 15th.


Review: Inside Out

Andy was off today, so after taking both kiddos to the arcade in the morning I left G with him and took B to see "Inside Out." OMG! OMG! OMG! First, this was the first time I've taken him to a theater (either movie or play) and actually enjoyed the experience. Usually I was too focused on him to do it. But he curled up in the chair quietly and ate popcorn and was obviously enveloped in it. I had to hold the seat down for him throughout the movie so it wouldn't fold up on him so I was was mildly uncomfortable, but other than that it was fine.

And only a few other people were there and they all had young kids, one of whom was a talker, so I could relax in the knowledge that even if he distracted someone, he was not the most distracting one! And he was extremely well behaved, and I really enjoyed it.

As for the movie itself, it's one of the most creative movies I've seen, and I was blown away by how accurately it represents our current understanding of how emotions, memories and dreams work. I read that they worked a lot with psychologists to get it right, and it shows. And does so in a way that is entertaining!

Definitely getting it, both for the kiddos and for my clients (videotherapy is an amazing tool). Vaguely spoilery stuff below.

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Anyway, kiddos will enjoy it, but adults will as well. It makes you think about when you were 11 and how trying that time could be. If you've ever had to go through the process of growing up, you will be able to relate to the movie.
I saw a story lately about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning lately that had all of the standard warnings, but no mention whatsoever of the common oversight that nearly resulted in my death from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a deadly, colorless, odorless gas. Get a detector, save your life, yadda yadda. I first learned about the dangers of carbon monoxide while watching "Rescue 911" as a kid. And one of the many selling points of the house I purchased with Andy after finally getting married was the carbon monoxide detectors already included at the top of the 9 ft ceilings.

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Check it Out, Ya'll!

The marvelous brendala has drawn a side story to my fic Desolation that goes into some of the machinations behind the scenes! Check it out!


Today B & G found Andy's not so well hidden stash of M&Ms. I learned that G can scream "WANT!" very loudly. It's all good, because she's actually talking. It is just such a relief! "Uh-oh" is by far her favorite word, and she says it every time she drops something she wants until we pick it up for her. She also says "bottle", "mama", "dada", "brother", and "monkey" (she has a little terrycloth monkey she carries around at all times). The daycare says she's starting to say "no" like it's a bad thing!

And I know most children talk, but considering B still only says a handful of words a day and that he's going through an extremely autistic phase right now (being out of school for the summer has really thrown him I think) it's just such a relief that she is talking and waving and pointing and playing peekaboo and if you're happy and you know it and all of the things that B never/rarely did with us.

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The "Love Is" Anime That Isn't

A while ago Andy and I started watching "Plastic Memories." It started off interesting and thought provoking, and launched many discussions about end of life issues. As Andy is Catholic and of the keep them on the machines till they die mentality, and I'm all I'll overdose on benzos or eat a box of green bell peppers (I'm deathly allergic) before I allow myself to die in a hospital type we had some real thought provoking discussions.

But then things started to go downhill. A romance, horrible to watch, developed between the two main characters. One of whom, Isla, essentially a Rei from "Evangelion" clone with a personality blander than oatmeal. Really, this is the female anime character type that drives me up the wall. And the man is equally uninteresting.

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