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Just An Ordinary Thursday

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Last night my mom starts frantically calling me because there was a big manhunt for a murder suspect in the woods by my house and I've been known to walk around at night. Stayed in and this morning he still hadn't been caught. I figured that there's plenty of places in the woods to hide so the neighborhood was likely safe.

What does B. do as soon as we step outside? Make a b-line for the woods. Had to work on the fly to explain to a 4 year old that there was a dangerous person in the woods and they are not safe to go into.

Anyway, they're still searching for him, hopefully he'll get caught soon so I can take a walk.

In other news, we had out office Christmas party today. To help some new people remember how to pronounce my name, a constant source of frustration for me, I told them it was related to the name of the goddess we get Friday from and then I stupidly mentioned she was the goddess of love. By the end of the party it was going around that I was named after a sex goddess, and in front of the executive director.

Review of Mythbusters: Behind the Myths

Last night Andy and I went to see Behind the Myths. I wasn't sure what to expect because they obviously would not be exploding things on the stage. They did some demonstrations of physics and debunking of things spiritualists say. Adam explained how he came to do what he does, and Jamie played the straight man to Adam's antics. It was enjoyable, hilarious and fun, but I still can't put my finger on a good way to describe what it was, mostly because things seemed to meander from one stunt to the next.

That said, I wished my kids were a bit older and could have come. There were a lot of kiddos in the audience having a blast, and the show included a lot of audience participation and several kids ended up on stage and left with autographed pictures. It was really great to see how excited they were.

All told, I have so much respect for Adam Savage and loved listening to him talk about science and skepticism. He is also a decent juggler and did some tricks on stage. During his Q&A so many people asked to shake his hand or do a selfie with him and he invited them on up. Someone even asked if they could buy him a drink. He says he doesn't drink anymore.

I wished I known that there was going to be a Q&A, because then I would have had the foresight to ask Jamie to sing "I Am the Walrus..."

Anyway, look closely, because Andy and I are in the audience somewhere...along with Jamie!

The Frustration of Autoimmune Disorders

Went to the eye doctor, and it looks like the optic nerve is starting to become inflamed again, and he's concerned about multiple sclerosis. For about ten years I've been having strange symptoms that doctors have never been able to diagnose and it's not the first time an autoimmune disorder has been suggested as a possibility, but in the past lupus and rheumatoid arthritis were the two contenders and what I would tell myself to comfort myself as at least they aren't suspecting MS, except now they are.

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Anxiety Level: HIGH

The week before I got married 7 years ago, I started noticing grey spots in the center of my vision. My then soon to be husband freaked out, saying it was signs of a detached retina and that I was going blind. Considering he freaks out over every little medical thing, I thought he was exaggerating until I called the doctor and found he was right.

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What I Wrote 2014

Well, aside from something I'm writing for Slayers Secret Santa, I don't think I'm going to get anymore fanfic out in 2014 (though hopefully that will change in January. And my muse is fickle, I could get an idea and bang it out in one day should serendipity strike). Only pattern I've noticed is having a second child and being beyond sleep deprived had an effect on my writing. Here's what I wrote in 2014, with the subsequent explanations, excuses, and whatever thoughts I have on them. Plus, what's coming in 2015.

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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

Finally, the penultimate novel! The translation of which can be found here. How these storylines never made it into the anime is a grave injustice…

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That Moment When...

caress realize just how sexist a beloved childhood show is. B's new favorite movie is The Smurfs 2 and Smurfette's backstory completely stunned me. I looked it up, and it was originally even worse. Yikes!

I guess my sis and I both loved the show growing up and my mom dressed us as Smurfette a few times for Halloween and we grew up to be ardent feminists but there's still something jarring about it.

It was like watching a lot of old Mickey Mouse cartoons and finding just how annoying, useless and damsel-ish Minnie Mouse is.

The Threes in Review

Today my little buddy turns 4. And thank goodness!

Until he was about 3 years and one month I said that parenting got easier and easier as he got older. I had no problems whatsoever with the so-called Terrible Twos. I thought I was going to sail through with no problems whatsoever. Well, his terrible twos hit when he was three, catching me by surprise. And when I was pregnant and then dealing with an infant and not wanting to deal with it. Yikes! It's easing up, though, hopefully that will continue.

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G may have only gained 5 pounds since she was born, but she's gaining in height like nothing. She has finally outgrown her infant carrier, which is one of those milestones I both relish and hate. Hate because no more can she fall asleep in it in the car with me getting her into the house without having to take her out. Relish because it's one piece of baby furniture that has taken over the house that I can now get rid of.

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While browsing through Netflicks this morning, I found a new tab called "Watched by Pennsatucky" that includes Jesus Camp, Saved, Meth: The World's Most Dangerous Drug, Anger Management, Rage, Hillbilly Blood, and Unborn in the USA. I about cracked a rib! I hope to find one for each of the inmates and the months go on.

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