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Pics and Highlights

Got her home, thank goodness no jaundice this time. Now the four of us are settling in and getting used to the new normal.

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Gwen finally decided to come out. She is healthy and fiesty!


I have one of those randomized wallpaper deals on my desktop. It went to a Deep Space Nine photo, and B. recognizes the show from Andy watching reruns on Netflicks so he started pointing at it.

Me: Yes, Deep Space Nine, best of the Treks!

Andy: After Voyager that is (Andy likes annoying me about Voyager).

Brent: No!

Ha! This is a sign that I am raising him well in the ways of the geek! Winning the Geek war! B. knows what the best Star Trek is!

Following B's Interests

I'm a strong believer in play based learning and following your children's intrinsic interests. Children naturally learn through play, and one thing I want for my children is for them to grow into adulthood and retain their love of learning and not have it drilled out of them through flashcards, standardized testing, etc. At any rate, today I've seen big payoffs in this philosophy with B.

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Waiting and Pregnancy

So I've been having Braxton-Hicks every day for over a month, and bouts of false labor at least once at week but that have been getting more frequent. These are like my body's own natural April Fool's day jokes and aren't funny in the least. I did kind of wonder if this was a sign that she would arrive on April Fool's day, but as I've merely been having the usual Braxton-Hicks and things are progressing into the afternoon, I guess not *sighs*.

In other news, yup, we all got the stomach bug last week. It was nasty business. For me the worst thing was the severe exhaustion. For Andy it was that he lost so much electrolytes he started cramping and shaking and we had to run out to get Gatorade (none of us are sports drink people). Of course, we were getting sick just as B. was recovering and getting back to full strength. Fortunately my parents are awesome and spent their wedding anniversary babysitting him on Saturday while we slept and recovered. And we're all back to good health and ready to have this baby. Well, with the exception of B. who seems to enjoy having more time with me in the spotlight.

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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

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Episodes 22-26 of NEXT are adapted from this novel. I went into more detail than usual in the summary because the novel explains a lot of things that the anime doesn’t and, because, it’s pivotal. And yay! Made it through the first story arc! On a sadder note, it’s the last we see of Zel, Amelia and Sylphiel. They go off to live their own lives after this. Posted in two parts because this become too long.

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The Changing Moods

Last Sunday: Gee, I hope I get a week before the new baby comes so I can relax, spend time with B., and get the house fixed up.


Saturday: B. gets a nasty stomach bug. Today, he still has said stomach bug. They say these things can go on for 3 days so here's hoping it's the last day!

Back to wanting her to stay put for a few more days and hoping that Andy and I don't catch it. Getting nervous that she's going to be born and the first thing that will happen is she gets it! Also not big on having to go to the hospital when B. is sick, though I know my folks will take good care of him.

At least this happened the week Frozen came out on blu-ray, so he's been good with being plopped in front of the tv with it and it's been a good distraction.

Made It!

Finally! I am on leave! It's not how I wanted it to be but for now it's also not my problem. And now that worries about having real contractions at work have been killed (it's be a forty-five minute drive from my work to the hospital under good traffic conditions, add to it the logistics of driving while in labor and the fact that all my family who could take me would be at minimum 45 minutes away as well...), I'm starting to get excited about the baby again.

B. had crawled in with us last night around midnight. When Andy and I woke up this morning we were remarking on how beautiful he is. I said, "We have a beautiful baby boy, and soon we'll have a beautiful baby girl."

Andy says: "And then we'll have a beautiful third baby."

Me: "NO! After this I'm getting a beautiful IUD!"

That's right, looking forward to her arrival and looking forward to never being pregnant again!
Been reading a good book that vanished into thin air one day. While it was missing I caught up on some magazine reading, figuring it would turn up. I figured it was lost in the living room somewhere, and was baffled when after thoroughly organizing the living room last weekend it didn't turn up. I even moved the couches to vacuum under them and no book. Well, there were some books, just not the one I was looking for.

After that I was baffled as to where it could be and, during moments of the week where I wasn't too tired or stressed, would look for it. Andy caught me looking behind my desk and asked what I was looking for and he said, "Oh, was it this big, thick black hard cover book?"

Me: "Yes!"

Andy: "Oh, your dad thought you were done with it and took it. That was some time ago now that I think of it."

Really wish someone had told me before now! Mystery solved at least, I'd still like that book back so I can finish it before I move onto the next one, something to talk to my dad about on Monday. Ah, the perils of coming from a family of bookworms.

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