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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

Finally, the penultimate novel! The translation of which can be found here. How these storylines never made it into the anime is a grave injustice…

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That Moment When...

caress realize just how sexist a beloved childhood show is. B's new favorite movie is The Smurfs 2 and Smurfette's backstory completely stunned me. I looked it up, and it was originally even worse. Yikes!

I guess my sis and I both loved the show growing up and my mom dressed us as Smurfette a few times for Halloween and we grew up to be ardent feminists but there's still something jarring about it.

It was like watching a lot of old Mickey Mouse cartoons and finding just how annoying, useless and damsel-ish Minnie Mouse is.

The Threes in Review

Today my little buddy turns 4. And thank goodness!

Until he was about 3 years and one month I said that parenting got easier and easier as he got older. I had no problems whatsoever with the so-called Terrible Twos. I thought I was going to sail through with no problems whatsoever. Well, his terrible twos hit when he was three, catching me by surprise. And when I was pregnant and then dealing with an infant and not wanting to deal with it. Yikes! It's easing up, though, hopefully that will continue.

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G may have only gained 5 pounds since she was born, but she's gaining in height like nothing. She has finally outgrown her infant carrier, which is one of those milestones I both relish and hate. Hate because no more can she fall asleep in it in the car with me getting her into the house without having to take her out. Relish because it's one piece of baby furniture that has taken over the house that I can now get rid of.

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While browsing through Netflicks this morning, I found a new tab called "Watched by Pennsatucky" that includes Jesus Camp, Saved, Meth: The World's Most Dangerous Drug, Anger Management, Rage, Hillbilly Blood, and Unborn in the USA. I about cracked a rib! I hope to find one for each of the inmates and the months go on.

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I Survived

I made it through the week. A new daycare was found, though I'm not completely happy with it, but we didn't have a lot of great options. And they've been running since we've moved here so hopefully they'll stay open. I can't take another major monkey wrench. I know, monkey wrenches happen, but usually they are spaced further apart than they have been. If I could just have a good three months to get used to the new normal before life throws me under the bridge again, I'd be happy.

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Wanting To Throw in the Towel

Andy went to pick the kids up from daycare today, and learned with a group of distraught parents that today is their last day. No notice whatsoever that they were closing. None. No one said anything to me when I dropped them off this morning.

We've been there only two weeks. Getting B's bus service routed to the daycare was a friggin nightmare that involved me going to his school and threatening to talk to the principal. So, of course the first day he gets bus service from the daycare to his school, the damn daycare shuts down.

I'm just so tired of dealing with childcare crisis after childcare crisis. Everything we've set in place for the past few months has fallen through. And then I lost the tremendous amount of support I've had since B was born with my dad having to go back to work, and just when I think things are finally settling down and we can get used to the new normal the damn rug gets pulled out from under my feet again!

I am so close to quitting my job right now. On the one hand it's such a drastic move for a short term problem that would have a lot of bad repercussions for my career down the line, but I am so tired of dealing with the whole childcare issue that it is starting to look like a more and more attractive option.

Scary Movies

Didn't find a new favorite scary movie this year, and there were two I started that were so boring I turned them off. Hopefully next year I'll have better luck!

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Sid the Science Kid

It's getting dark earlier, which means no more walking to the park with B after we get G to sleep. So for my B and me time we've been watching "Sid the Science Kid" before he goes to bed. I was unexpectedly very impressed with it. Unlike a lot of shows for kids about science whcih explains how things work, this show shows how science works as a process.

It talks about keeping charts, taking measurements, keeping a journal, making observations, etc. It's about the process of science and how we know what we know. And to top it off, B loves it!

I'm also impressed with the diversity in the show. Unlike most children's shows that aren't specifically targeting girls, there's more than two girls on the show. Let me repeat that, there are more than two girls on the show! There are four students, two boys, two girls, and the two little girls do not fall into the tomboy/prissy girl dichotmies. IT IS SO REFRESHING! In fact, as for the cast that appears in every episode, there's actually more women than men in the show (6 female, 5 male). Sid is also biracial, though considering they're digital puppets it's hard to tell how much of an impression this makes on kids.

And, I must say, I want my kids to go to a school like the one Sid goes to! Ah, I can dream,,,

You May Have...


You may have been watching too many horror movies and "Doctor Who" when you start to wonder if a slimy monster hand will reach out from beneath the rocker to grab your ankle when you're nursing your baby at 1AM.

You may have reached new bounds of tiredness when you realize you don't give a damn and the slime monster can do his worse.



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