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The Wedding Reception That Never Started

Since I can't rant on FB because I'm friends with the bride and her parents, I'm going to rant here. So I went to a wedding tonight where, not only did the ceremony start 45 minutes late, but the reception never started, or at least it hadn't by the time we'd left after waiting 1 hour 30 minutes just to get into the damn room so we could at least sit down. At the time we left, we could not go and sit down and they were only half way done setting up. Nevermind the fact that we left at 8PM on a Sunday evening and Andy has work and B has school in the morning and it's over an hour drive to get home. And yeah, since the reception hadn't started, we hadn't eaten, so we stopped at the first place we found on the way back to grab something quick with our overtired and hungry kiddos.

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Last night while doing computer work it started to look as if I was seeing a glare from a car in my right eye. Suddenly the glare erupted into a jagged, nearly circular shape, like watching a constant lightning show. It stayed that way for five minutes and then went away. I dithered back and forth about whether or not to go to the ER room, especially as it would have meant waking the kiddos because if they're doing eye stuff, I won't be able to drive back after getting my pupils dilated. I sat it out, but I need to call an optometrist on Monday. Seems I always get these conditions that mimic a retina detachment that turn out to be just bizarre, rare, and not so serious. I'm worried that the one time it will be a retina detachment I'll just ignore it and I'll end up going blind, but for now, it seems my eyes like to cry "wolf."

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Profile Update

After years of having nothing of interest on my profile on FFN and AO3, I finally did up a break down of the different genres and a top 10 ranking of my fanfics based on the number of favorites and kudos they have gotten. What fascinates me is how one work can be very popular on FFN and not so much on AO3 and vice versa, which makes me wonder how good of a metric it is, but it's the most objective one that I have.

Then I ran into problems because it was too long for AO3 (sighs) so I'll have to think of something there. At anyrate, here's my updated FFN profile if you're curious.

In other news, I'm obviously in my end of summer slowdown. I don't know why, but January through around June I tend to be very prolific and then I slowdown, and that's not looking to change soon. Throw in that I've been having a horrible year and lately I've been escaping more by reading than writing, yeah. So aside from finishing the Slayers Resolution rewrite, I don't have much coming up for awhile. I have some ideas, even a good portion of some things written, but I don't think I'll get back to them before January. I may surprise myself, though. Who knows.

Fanfic: Slayers Resolution, Ch 20

Title: Slayers Resolution, Ch 20 of 26, Trouble! The Monster's True Plans Unfold!
Characters/Pairings: Lina/Gourry, Zel/Amelia, Xellos
Ratings/Warnings: If you're good with the anime, you'll be good with this/
Plot: The gang bands together for what they think is a treasure hunt but finds that the world is once again in mortal peril! This is an updated version of the first fanfic I ever wrote, which was under a different name back in 2002.


20 down, six more to go!

RIP Kenny Baker

I briefly met Kenny Baker at a convention when I was about 13. He and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbecca) signed my poster that is the crown of my geekdom collection that hangs prominently on my wall.

Signing autographs was harder for Kenny Baker than it was for other actors. While they got to sit in chairs, Kenny Baker had to stand on them, for hours at a time, while he bent awkwardly over the table to sign them. I was one of the last people to come through the line that day, and though he had to have been exhausted and sore, he stayed and autographed the poster for me.

I was sad to hear of his passing today and that he won't be in the last two movies, but I was also happy to hear the that he went the way he wanted to go, quietly in his sleep, because that's what I want for me.

Star Trek Beyond

Saw Star Trek beyond today. Some none spoilery thoughts below.

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When I first heard they would be rebooting Ghostbusters, I wasn't that interested. I figured it would either be another male bonding movie, or may be they'd have the token female ghostbuster. Overall, I'm tired of stories about men doing stuff and for the most part am only interested in female driven movies (and if you have a problem with it, I don't care to hear about it). So when I heard that they would be rebooting it with four female Ghostbusters, I was completely on board! And then, when I saw the stream of hatefilled misogyny and attempts by sexist assholes to smear the movie, I knew this was one movie I had a social obligation to see in the theaters. I was worried that it wouldn't be good or enjoyable and would flop, so I was keeping my expectations low.

And...I loved it! It was a fun ride! Even better, even though we caught an early afternoon showing, the theater was packed, and everyone else was also laughing and seemed to be getting into it. And as we were leaving, I heard plenty of people give it a positive buzz.

Non-spoilery stuff below!

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Gun Control Now

This evening I noticed a livestream that a friend had posted about a shooting in Dallas. I turned up the volume and heard the horrible sound of the gun shots being fired against the backdrop of places I knew and recognized and had walked down. This was a few blocks away from where A-Kon, the big anime convention in Dallas, used to be hosted. I used to work in a high rise a few blocks down from where the shooting happened and would take walks through the there on my lunch break. This was very personal.

Texans love their guns. This macho culture pervades that, if they are ever attacked, they'll just shoot to kill. Or if the government comes for their guns, they'll just shoot to kill (yes, Texans really believe someone is coming for their guns). Well, Philando Castile was legally carrying a firearm AND following directions when a police officer shot him to death, so it didn't do him a lot of good. And tonight in Dallas, 2 snipers took down 10-11 people, killing at least 3 police officers, in an area where there was already a trained police presence. So if this could be so deadly in an area already swarming with trained police officers, color me skeptical that a person who took a 1 hour handgun course who knows how long ago would be able to stop a shooter. I am sick and tired of this bull shit myth that has been debunked over and over again that having a gun will keep you safe. Studies have shown, repeatedly, that having a gun puts you at risk!

And yes, I have been in dangerous situations before. When I was 10 and again when I was 13 someone tried to abduct me while I was taking a walk. I got away because I ran and put as much distance from myself and the person who wanted to harm me as possible! This is actually what people who study these situations recommend, getting as far away from the person who wants to harm you as possible as quickly as possible. If I had pulled out a gun, perhaps I could have wounded/killed the attempted kidnapper, but I just as likely could have ended up harming myself or given the asshole more time to get me as I struggled to retrieve my gun (something that is hard to do in emergency situations).

In high school there was a shooting at my school. Two rival gangs had it out in the parking lot when people were coming into class. I walked to school and came in through a different entrance, and remember clearly when a girl walked in looking shocked saying she just saw someone get shot. The only person hit was the rival gang member and he recovered. My mom got a few grey hairs that day.

And in college while working as a cashier there was a shooting in the store on a day I was there. It was in a different part of the building and I hadn't even realized what was happening until it was over. One of the store managers was hit when he tackled the gun man with another manager, but he recovered. They were able to get the gun away from the shooter without any casualties. Even with this, I have never felt like I needed a gun to be safe in the grocery store. I am simply at a complete loss for how the so called good guy with a gun would have made a positive difference in any of these cases, if anything, I just see it as making things more confusing when you have two plain clothes people brandishing guns. Which one is the shooter, which one is trying to take down the shooter?

But I can think of how conducting background checks, making sure domestic violence offenders can't get guns, and banning assault rifles would make a difference in possibly preventing someone from having a gun when they shouldn't.

At anyrate, I'm running off adrenaline, don't know how I'm going to calm down enough to sleep tonight, and just basically am heartbroken and sick and tired of gun violence.

Review: The Witch

We got a free Vudu rental thing, so last night I finally watched "The Witch." Andy even watched it with me. It's one of those movies that makes you think, and where people can, and do, bring multiple interpretations. For his part, Andy didn't understand what happened and I had to explain it to him. Also, I was really glad we had the subtitles on for this and would recommend watching with subtitles on, especially if you have hearing comprehension problems. Anyway, spoilery stuff below.

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Back Home Again

We made it back to DFW late last night. Immediately our allergies started acting up again. I feel like I have a massive case of Day Lights Savings Time and for a while thought today was Sunday and not Saturday, so hopefully my time/day disorientation will soon abate. It was a lovely trip and I hate the fact that I couldn't go out and take a walk by the Pacific this morning.

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