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Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 13

13. What attracted you to the series?

Lina’s fight to win speech, and the way she is the big hero in the story, and the way she has friendships with other women, and the epic, rather unconventional approach it took with the love story aspect, and the humor.

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 12

12. Gif that describes how you feel about the series.

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 11

11. Who’s your least favorite character?

Back in college it was Martina. She annoyed the daylights out of me. Boy crazy drama queens tend to annoy the shit out of me in real life (er, sorry to all the boy crazy drama queens out there, if it helps, karma is biting me in the ass, as my adorable little two-year-old is becoming quite the Drama Queen, we’ll see what she’s like as a teenager I guess), so I was often exasperated with her. With time and nostalgia I’ve softened towards her a bit.

Now, I would say Pokota. The whole him being a stuffed animal just disturbs me because A. I overthink it and B. I’m highly empathetic. Which looks like this: He has a zipper on his stomach, his stomach zips open and closed. I get shivers thinking about it, because I imagine having a zipper on my stomach and people being able to open and close it and it GIVES ME THE EFFIN HEEBIE JEEBIES! I am gagging thinking about it!

And it that’s not bad enough, he just sticks huge stuff like the SOL in there! OMG! HE IS CARRYING A SWORD HILT INSIDE OF HIM! WTF I’M GAGGING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! WHAT IF IT SOMEHOW ACTIVATED INSIDE OF HIM!? And does he keep his other gear in there!? Does it all jostling and bumble around in his stomach? AIYEEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE!

And that he is filled with stuffing! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! And how the stuffing just magically stays in place after his ears are cut off? There’s no one with OCDD who goes up to him and starts pulling it out!? UUUURRRRRRGH!

Suffice to say, I find it highly disturbing to look at him/think about him/hear mentions of him. The logistics of his character just…don’t sit well with me. And this is why he has barely a mention in one story I’ve written (out of, er, 68 stories) and likely will never feature in anything I’ve written more prominently than that.

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 10

10. How old were you when you first started watching/reading Slayers?


Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 9

9. Have you read the various manga?

I’ve read everything with Gourry in it except for the Premium manga. Hm, need to fix that. Not read the manga with Naga in it. And truthfully, unless you’re a diehard fan, Knight of the Aqualord is the only thing I’d solidly recommend. Heck, even if you aren’t a fan of manga I would highly recommend Knight of the Aqualord. In fact, if you haven’t already, drop what you’re doing and read Knight of the Aqualord. You'll thank me, especially if you're an L/G fan!

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 8

8. Have you read any of the Light Novels?

I’ve read all of them! Big surprise, right? LOL. I’ve not read the specials and I’ve only read the Gourry spinoff. So I guess I’m hardcore...for a pathetic American who can only speak English.

Anyway, the novels are amazing, so read them if you can get your hands on them!

The Son I Didn't Have

I keep having this freaky dream that I have a third child. I'm not having nightmares about being pregnant again, but that I've already been pregnant and have a third child, a son, usually a year younger than G.

What freaks me out is I typically have never bothered to name him and usually am so busy I barely interact with him and know nothing about him.

Last night I dreamt he was between B and G age wise, and he finally got a name (Blaine), and I was upset that there was another set of diapers to change and another one to potty train (I expect by the end of February TOPS to have both kids out of diapers). But once again, I was disturbed that I knew nothing about Blaine. I attributed it to the dreaded middle child thing In any case, I'm relieved when I wake up and assure myself that I only have two and that there isn't one lurking around that I just forgot about somehow.

Anyway, if I had a recurring nightmare about being pregnant again, I'd understand. But having one of having had a third kid who is so inconspicuous that 99% of the time I forget I've even had him? Baffling and unsettling. Not sure what's going on with my unconscious mind.


Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 7

7. What is your favorite quote from the series?

I have several, but I decided to go with this one because this was my turning point for falling in love with the series, and when I did a search to make sure I did it right I found someone have put it in a nice video format! Needed this back in college for my pre-test routines, or back in the days before I was self-employed for job interview preps.

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 6

6. Do you have a favorite opening or ending?

Give a Reason: because everything that happens in the opening happens in the series, but you don’t realize it until you’ve seen it all.

I also really like Breeze, Don't Be Discouraged, and Get Along...

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 5

5. OTP?

You have to ask?

I love Lina with the person who loves Lina, flaws and all. And what's even more amazing, is rather than Lina being the perfect Penelope, always forgiving of her Odysseus, the roles are reversed, with Lina taking on a lot of the more masculine traits and Gourry being the emotional support.

Plus, as soon as Gourry became the damsel in distress forcing Lina to have to go on an adventure to save him...



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