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Sid the Science Kid

It's getting dark earlier, which means no more walking to the park with B after we get G to sleep. So for my B and me time we've been watching "Sid the Science Kid" before he goes to bed. I was unexpectedly very impressed with it. Unlike a lot of shows for kids about science whcih explains how things work, this show shows how science works as a process.

It talks about keeping charts, taking measurements, keeping a journal, making observations, etc. It's about the process of science and how we know what we know. And to top it off, B loves it!

I'm also impressed with the diversity in the show. Unlike most children's shows that aren't specifically targeting girls, there's more than two girls on the show. Let me repeat that, there are more than two girls on the show! There are four students, two boys, two girls, and the two little girls do not fall into the tomboy/prissy girl dichotmies. IT IS SO REFRESHING! In fact, as for the cast that appears in every episode, there's actually more women than men in the show (6 female, 5 male). Sid is also biracial, though considering they're digital puppets it's hard to tell how much of an impression this makes on kids.

And, I must say, I want my kids to go to a school like the one Sid goes to! Ah, I can dream,,,

You May Have...


You may have been watching too many horror movies and "Doctor Who" when you start to wonder if a slimy monster hand will reach out from beneath the rocker to grab your ankle when you're nursing your baby at 1AM.

You may have reached new bounds of tiredness when you realize you don't give a damn and the slime monster can do his worse.

For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.


The Blast Sword appears, and the gang teams up with Milgasea and Memphis, Memphis being a monster of Naga's creation. 13 down, 2 more to go! Click here for the translation, courtesy of amildcaseofraughnutrushavna.

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For part 2

Rocky Horror Review

little leaf
Saw a stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show last night. OMG, it was so much fun! All of the actors did a good job of making the iconic roles their own, and the audience participation actually really added something to it instead of distracting from it. The Criminologist even made a jab at Gov Good Hair running for president again that had the audience rolling in their seats!

And there was something cathartic about throwing toilet paper, confetti, and playing cards and watching the stage crew clean it up after spending the last 3 years cleaning up after B...Squirting other audiences members with water guns was also fun. Some people liked to throw things, others liked to dance. I'll sing until the cows come home but there is no way I'm dancing. I don't even know my left from my right for starters....

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Life has been rough lately. Every child care support system we've had in place has fallen through this year, and these past few months it seems like we've been scrambling from one thing to another. And while things are going real well for me professionally, I'm seeing/hearing more and more disturbing things from clients that are disturbing and disheartening.

Let's just say faith in human goodness and the ability to rise above circumstances is being challenged hard right now. And that's a pillar stone of my belief system.

Anyway, at least it's Halloween. I got a pumpkin decorating kit to do with B and we had a blast with it! He even carried around the pumpkin with him everywhere he went that afternoon, though all the stickers fell off. We'll just have to get another one! Anyway, pics below.

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Two Sentence Horror Stories

Saw this today, and loved it! Here's my two sentence horror story below the cut.

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Anyone want to leave me a spine tingler?

Things Change

I'm going back to work full time mid-October. First there was the excitement and back patting, relief that I would be able to space clients on my over packed schedule less densely. Then there was the worries of OMG, less time with my kids! Will it warp them for life!?

G is a bit younger than B was when I went to work full time, which adds to the anxieties. At the same time, I know I'm lucky to have been able to cut back to part time till I got her to the 6 month mark and was able to easily get my full time slot back. I was fine with it all until I learned that my dad might not be able to watch them much longer (a whole big mess of a situation in and off itself), which adds a whole new level of complexity to it, especially with getting B to and from his therapy appointments. And leaving her in daycare for so long when she is so young makes me nervous.

So a mix of good and bad and a nebulous feeling that things are about to get a helluva a lot harder.

Horror Movies

Is it Halloween time already!? So excited for G's first Halloween! Can't wait for the weekend! Got plans to find costumes, go to the pumpkin patch, turn my garden into a graveyard...

I've not gotten a terrible amount of scary movie watching in this year, but there were a few movies/shows. Nothing that's become my new favorite thing though. Most was rather bland. There may be spoilers below.

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For Part 1, click here

For Gourry, Luke, Milina, Milgasea and Memphis, see below the cut.
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