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Something They Have in Common

B. has never really taken to traditional cartoons. He loves the CGI stuff and loves watching shows where real people sing and dance. He loves "Frozen" but won't watch "The Little Mermaid" for instance. Always thought it was a quirk of his, but G is following in those footsteps. She loves the computer generated stuff but not the old school cartoons. Haven't tried to Broadway stuff with her much yet, she's still new to the tv thing, but I'm betting she'd like it.

On the whole I'm really baffled as to why neither of them are liking cartoons. I mean, those are things kids are supposed to love.

Monday, Monday

-B.'s new preschool doles out homework. Really!? I have major issues with worksheets because from everything we know about child development they do nothing to encourage productive learning and if anything is seems more like busy work and torture for parents. That said, B actually sat down and colored them which surprised me...he usually hates doing anything that involves working with crayons or coloring.

-On our walk today B. started gathering leaves. I started thinking about starting a leaf collection and how he can paste them on paper and we can identify which trees they come from. And then we crossed the street and he suddenly veered towards the storm drain and threw the leaves down into it. His mind works in mysterious ways.

-Decided to turn down a job offer and am feeling a bit like a flake. And Andy is a bit upset because it's a lot more money. But I wasn't getting good vibes, and when I was feeling more of a sense of inevitability over taking the offer rather than excitement I told myself to calm down and listen to it. I'm not currently in such a bad situation that I need to jump on the first thing that comes my way, I have time to put in a good search and find something I'm excited about.

-And I think I'm finally breaking free of the summer doldrums I've been in. It's all connected to the fiasco that was my wedding day, and I've never had them so bad since the first few years after my wedding. Something I read set me off, and I am hoping that's the last time they ever resurface. Summer is usually my happy time.

-Short week for me this week, and next week! I have a floating holiday I have to burn before mid-September or lose so I'm putting in for a five day weekend by taking Thursday off and with Labor Day on Monday! One day down, two more to go!
Was watching "The Force Awakens" trailer with Miss G and at the end of it she grinned and started clapping! Oh, love this little geekling so much! And if this flops my wrath will be horrible to behold!

Today she's just been making me proud, from dancing to Irish music at breakfast, to cleaning up after herself, to getting so enthusiastic about the Star Wars trailer.

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My Week as a Single Mom

Writing to keep myself awake...

Andy left for a business conference to LA on Sunday (LA! LA! Why does he get to go to all the cool places!?), so it's been me and the two kiddos. Considering this was also B's first week back at school and job interview week, the timing could have been better. That said, this week was definitely a lot less stressful than last year when G still wasn't sleeping through the night and I recall being up at 3AM curing Andy's name. In fact, it wasn't until this evening that I really missed having an extra hand on deck. All the same, I've been a mess of stress and anxiety this week and I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and Andy is getting back.

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Stolen from engarian, because I have a free moment without the kids and don't want to do anything constructive.

32, I think. After 30 I stopped counting.

Myers-Briggs (if you know it):
Depending on my mood, I've tested either as INFJ or INTJ, and I'd say INFJ describes me more with the exception of being super religious. Of the personality metrics, though, Myers-Briggs has little validity, though it's certainly fun!

How long have you had your LJ:
I think I started a little bit before I got pregnant with B, so 5, 6 years>

What does your username mean:
Nothing. Just a name I made up for a character in a role playing game. I wish I'd given it more thought.

What is your favorite thing about LJ:
I spend a lot of time listening to people talk about their problems. I'm not much of a talker, but I love writing and having a place to write about me. So if I seem a little self-absorbed...

What is your least favorite thing about LJ:
It's just dead lately. Not much going on.

What is your motivation on Live Journal?:
I'm not sure if motivation is the best word, but really a place to write out my thoughts.

Have you ever met anyone on your F List in real life?:

Do you have a paid subscription? Is you LJ private/friends only?:
No and no.

Where do you live:

Do you have an accent?:
Oh, this is tricky. I have a very idiosyncratic way of talking. People from Texas actually ask me a lot if I'm from England, but I can say with certainty I do not have a British accent. I have been in England one time for one week when I was 21/22 (my birthday occurred that week, best bday EVER). I watch a lot of British shows but never lived there and I don't know if the jargon slips in or what, but for whatever reason a lot of Texans think I'm British.

As for people who aren't from Texas, they're more confused and will ask where I'm from. I can do a good southern accent when I want to, but I don't. I saw ya'll and that's about it.

From the ages of 2-6 I lived in New York, and I heard that when we moved back to Texas I had a heavy Now York accent. I was teased for it in school, but it's pretty much agreed I've lost it. Too bad no one recorded it, I'm curious as to how I sounded!

Who do you live with:
My husband, son, daughter, German Shepherd and tuxedo cat.

Do you have pets?:
German Shepherd named Amelia and tuxedo cat named Miki. Love cats and want two more. My husband doesn't.

Do you/Did you go to school:
Yup. Got my masters. Currently not in school. May be if I get hit with a crazy stick I'll get a Ph.D.

Do you work?:

Where/What do you do:
I try to change the world, one messed up individual at a time.

Do you have more drama at home or at work?:
Bwahahahaha! Work.

Who do you often write about?:
I go wherever the mood takes me.

What else should readers know:
Hm, have no idea how to answer this one. Feel free to ask questions if the mood takes you?

Because the Fortune Cookie Told Me To

This weekend I ate at a Chinese restaurant and the fortune cookie told me to find a new job. It’s been on my mind for a while. Even when I’m not looking for a job I keep on top of listings to see what is available and what salary averages are (I had a job that underpaid me by $20,000/year under the market value once, and they stupidly had me doing a job analyzing the market value, so I keep close tabs on that now), so I was aware that a lot of good counseling jobs had just been posted that Friday and was dithering about whether or not to apply. I showed Andy the cookie, and he looked at me and said, “Apply.”

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Butchered Characters #1: Zuuma

Having read both the novels and seen the anime for "The Slayers", I have my list of things that transitioned well from the novels to the anime and those that didn't. In the process, several characters were butchered during the transition, others were handled well and still others had expanded roles. There are four characters that spring to mind who I think really got the short stick in the transition, one of whom is Zuuma. Erm, spoilers below!

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A Note to People Pounding the Pavement

Yesterday a older man stopped by the office and asked about the program. I told him we do group and individual therapy for substance use. He starts talking about how he has worked as a substance use counselor, has all this experience, blah blah blah. I'm thinking that with a co-worker going off on maternity leave next month that may be he could fill in a bit.

Then he veers into bizarre territory about how even though he's never used drugs or alcohol, he has worked with people who do for so long he has their same problems and suffers from the same ailments they do.


He then relates his suffering and how he needs help and asks if he can come to group every now and then. I was wondering if he was asking as a client.

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Expectation vs Reality

Thus far this summer I've been taking the kids to my parents on Fridays. My folks have a pool and it's pretty much the only way to get outdoor time without melting at this time of the year. But my folks are out of town this week so I had to figure out something else. Especially since all of the water stuff is not possible for me to do by myself while watching two kids, especially when the older one is just learning how to swim and not ready to go at it alone. So no water parks or pools. And while B loves splash pads, G's not quite sold on them. So I had to find something indoors.

So there's a mall that has a huge kids area with a play area, train for them to ride, trampolines, animals rides, a carousel, etc. So I decide to take them. Expectation: We'll ride the train, B will jump on the trampoline, both will have a blast in the play area, and we'll grab an Auntie Anne's pretzel before we leave!

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I'm Back!

I'm back! Possum Kingdom Lake was BEAUTIFUL! Got into my hotel room with a private balcony facing the dark blue lake and as soon as I found my boss I told her how much I love working there.

Unfortunately there wasn't much time to explore it, so I've decided I'll be back with the kids someday. The first day I was fine, in the middle of the second one I started to miss them terribly, and once I got home the stomach bug I'd been getting the early warning signs of that I thought was altitude sickness hit in full bloom. Can we say horrible timing? Hoping it settles down tonight so I can spend some good time with them tomorrow and not have to drop them off with someone (though at least I have people/places to drop them off with).

Good break, good change of routine, happy to be home and hoping I'll feel better soon. And below, pics!

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