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Fanfic Update

The good news is I found my muse! She was hiding under a pile of unfolded laundry or something like that. The bad news is I don't have as much time as I used to have for some odd reason. So based on all that I think it'll be about a month before I actually post something, but I am working on something! Two somethings.

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Moments That Make You Proud

So Andy started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and B started reciting the opening monologue with Patrick Stewart...THAT'S MY GEEKLING!!!!

Things in the News

Last night I had a dream that I was a guest on some sort of game show and I looked to my left and saw Sonia Sotomayor sitting beside me. Why the hell we were on a game show together, I don't know. But we were. Rather than play whatever game we were on, I asked her about the Hobby Lobby decision, and she and I had a good rant. The dream was oddly cathartic.

In other news, someone in Georgia left his son to die in a car, and there's a pile of evidence that makes it look like he and his wife did it deliberately. Now, as someone with a complex week schedule I can get how it could happen accidentally. On Mondays and Weds, my dad comes to watch the kids and I leave the house kid free. On Tues and Thurs, I have to drop them off at daycare. Once or twice as I was driving I'd look in the backseat and see B there and realize I'd forgotten to drop him off and immediately turn around. I've never gotten as far as work but I could see how it could happen, and it's terrifying.

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Retelling Patriarchal Myths with Dildos

So, we're driving and a song by Dido comes on. Andy says: You know, if you add a "l" to Dido you get Dildo.

Me: Well, way to turn a classical name obscene.

Andy: It's a classic name?

Me: It is. And actually Dido was stupid. I mean, here she was, a kick ass Queen of Carthage. And then Aeneas come, fleeing the Trojan war, with the other survivors of the Trojan war and they fall in love and have hot, passionate sex. And then the gods or something tell Aeneas he has to find Rome so he ups and leave. And what does this kick ass Queen of Carthage do? She doesn't tend to her subjects or find a new boy toy, she kills herself! Really!? How stupid.

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Diagnosing the Inmates in OITNB

I stumbled upon this article where a psychiatrist analyzes several characters in OITNB, some of which I agreed with, others I didn't and some I decided to expand upon.

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Random, Meandering Thoughts on Fairy Tales

For whatever reason, the restaurant I ate at tonight was playing Disney tunes. Andy and I were discussing this, and somehow the topic meandered onto The Little Mermaid. We'd recently finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica and he mentioned how one of the character's stories was based off the original Hans Christian Anderson version of the tale. I thought for a moment and said, "Oh, you mean Sayaka?"

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And the Beds That Have No Answers

I don't know if the economy is picking up, or if just going fully licensed has made a big difference, but on Friday evening I filled out 3 applications and Monday afternoon I got my first call for an interview. And when getting back from that interview I got a call from another place for another interview. So in a week 2 of the 3 places I contacted got back to me.

Meantime at my current job I returned to work and found that even without working evenings, there's plenty for me to do (after talking with my boss I was scared there wasn't a place for me, after talking with my co-workers, no, really no, they're swamped and were overjoyed to have me back). It's part time, but there's lots of flexibility and I really wasn't planning to find another job until G is a year old. I just got anxious and jumped the gun.

But it's exciting to have such results so quickly! I've NEVER had that happen before. I graduated college right when the economy collapsed (worse timing ever, yes I'm still bitter). I was expecting 6 months before I even got a call.

I'll say I'm torn. Both of the jobs have more room for advancement, better pay and benefits than where I'm currently at, and if I actually get a job offer I'd feel bad about passing it up. At the same time G is so little and it's not the massive crisis I thought it was at first with where I'm currently at. And the me getting out of college 10 years ago would have loved to be in this position...

After a night of thinking it over, the answer came to me. I don't want either. I want to be a sleep number bed tester. Honestly, how else am I going to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep right now? Sleep number bed tester is the way to go!

Life and Work

Took the kiddos to the mall this morning. B. is just getting more and more grown up. He played well in the play area, took turns, didn't make a fuss when I told him it was time to leave, walked by my side even when I knew he would much rather be doing something else, like throwing dirt into the fountain.

Was he always this way? No. Used to be he'd throw a fit if I took him away from that damn fountain but now he just quietly walks with me when I announce it's time to go. More below.Collapse )

I've been having a bit of an existential crisis lately, mostly because my work schedule and home schedule are not mixing anymore. I'm going back part time next week, but I'm not sure how long it's going to last and I'm starting to put out feelers. While at the mall I went to the cookie shop and a couple with about a half dozen kids let me in front of them because they weren't ready yet. Suddenly the woman shrieked, "OMG, Ms. R, you had a baby!"

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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

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Wizer makes an appearance! Though in a drastically altered form from what made it into the anime! Most of the first three chapters were translated here, and the rest can be found here, translated by hlrespect and pip25.

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Orange is the New Black

I was leery of watching "Orange is the New Black" because I deal enough with my clients during the day that I didn't want to go home and watch a show about people who are client like. I finally watched it and caught up with the first season right as the second season came out, and finished that last night. OMG! I love it!

And, it actually reminded me more of the time when I was working at the domestic violence shelter. Which I think says a lot about why I am still not working there and why if I were in that situation going to a shelter would be towards the bottom of my list of options. And that I hope that the shelter that I worked at was not representative of the shelters across the country.

I also think a lot about the infamous Stanford Prison Experiments and what Dr. Zimbardo (and actually, Viktor Frankl who survived the concentration camps in WWII) said about abnormal behavior in a screwed up situation being a perfectly normal response.

Anyway, spoilery thoughts through season 2! And my full psychology nerd creds will be showing.

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