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My Bookshelves

Well, I got 95% down with re-organizing my bookshelves when I caught a cold and had to take a break. But now that I’m 95% better, the project is finished! And I love to show off my books and my geeky stuff on top of the shelves. Lina Inverse on one end, Filia on the other, and lots of Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, and Doctor Who stuff in between.

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Online Counseling, Week One

Through complete accident, I found out about an online counseling service (a friend liked their page on FB). I have been interested in trying online counseling, and with my referral source that links me to atheists in Texas even more so because a lot of people who want a secular counselor can't get to me because of distance/lack of transportation, but have been leery of it because there aren't a lot of HIPAA compliant platforms (Skype is NOT HIPAA compliant for instance). Low and behold, this one lets you do video counseling, phone counseling and live chat counseling, and counseling through email on a HIPAA compliant platform, so I signed on and went official with it Tuesday evening, and netted a few new clients within an hour.

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Before kids I kept my bookshelves immaculate. Then I had a kid nicknamed Wreck It, and I had to move the books to the highest shelves possible to save them. Wreck It has matured a lot in the past year, so I decided it was safe to organize the books today and found that...I have extra Slayers manga!

Sadly, I thought I would get everything finished today, but I only got the manga and fiction organized (and I’m one of those weird people who has more nonfiction than fiction stuff). So hopefully by the end of the week I’ll tally and post what I have extras of (I don’t think I’ll find anymore, but if I do...) and if anyone wants them, IM me.

And thus far have some extra Angel Sanctuary, Haruhi, and Tsubasa volumes as well.

Best guess how this happened? I knew I was missing one volume of the Slayers manga, but wasn’t sure which, and when I went to re-read it I couldn’t find what I did have, because it’s hard to find what you’re looking for when you have enough books to fill seven full length bookshelves to capacity and then some and all the books are all crammed into the top two shelves of these seven bookshelves, so I ended up assuming that I didn’t have as much of the Slayers manga as I thought I did when I couldn’t find what I was looking for. As for the other series, I have no idea, especially since two of them are Andy’s series.

Anyway, the important thing is that all of my Slayers novels are accounted for and escaped unscathed!

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Work, Kids, Homeschooling

-Private practice peaked in December, ebbed in January, and is starting to pick back up again. People who've done this awhile say to get used to it. The good news is that even with the ebb I made enough to stay out of the red. And though it's good things are picking up again, it's also stressing me out. It seems every day I'm doing something work related, even if it is for a few hours. I was known for my work-home boundaries at work, but now that I own my own business, they are blurred and one blends into another and it's taking some getting used to.

In some ways I think working 4 tens (with three days off in between) has exacerbated this, especially since before I was working 4 tens I was working 3 twelves. Um, in my entire work career I've only had a 9 to 5 for 2 years, lol.

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Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 29

29. NOtp

I don’t like Xellos paired with anyone except, perhaps, other Mazoku (though I’m still not 100% sold that Mazoku have something like love even for each other, but perhaps something based on loyalty, which they do have, or perhaps they’re into Sadomasochism with each other). It just goes against my concept of Mazoku to be loving.

I think an example of this is Rashatt in the novels. He was Gaav’s minion, but after Gaav dies rather than avenging Gaav or appearing torn up (or happy to be free from Gaav) about it, his allegiance changed to Hellmaster, the person who killed Gaav. So there’s extreme loyalty, but it’s very hierarchical and it doesn’t appear as though they have an emotional attachment to their superiors, equals or subordinates.

And I also don’t like Lina paired with anyone but Gourry, unless it was before she met him (like Lina and Naga, I don’t see it, but it doesn’t phase me much, or if she had a cute crush on the neighborhood boy before she left Zefiel City). Lina/Zel and Lina/Xellos both really aggravate me.
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Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 28

28. Who was your favorite fish person in the series?


Unless they’re dead, can’t talk with that horrible bubbly voice and filleted on a bed of rice.

Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 27

27. Ever tried to introduce your friends to Slayers? How’s that go?

I’ve introduced 3 people. The first was my sister when she was staying at my place for the weekend because I was throwing my annual college Halloween party. We watched a bit before the party started but didn’t make it through the Shabranigdo arc. The next morning I woke up because she was standing on my bed, still dressed her in her vampire cape and dress. She looked at me and said, “I want to watch anime.”

I looked at her and said, “You know how to work a VCR.”

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Lessons From Anne Frank

How many of you read Anne Frank growing up? How many of you cried? How many of you wondered how such atrocities could be allowed to happen? How many of you wondered how so many people could turn their backs on the suffering of others?

Well, if you are against helping the refugees, look in the mirror, and all of those questions will be answered. And Anne Frank's death becomes meaningless.

Did you know that Otto Frank, Anne's father, tried desperately to get his family somewhere out of reach of the Nazis, and that included trying to reach America? But because Americans were suspicious of Jewish people and increasingly hostile to foreigners, they were denied entry.

No Asylum, now available on Amazon Prime, is a documentary that tells the story of Mr. Frank's vain efforts to escape with his family to the US. The most horrifying part of this is that originally the Nazis did not want to kill Jewish people. They wanted them out of their lands. But when other countries that weren't under Nazi control refused to take them in, then they started to execute Jewish people en mass. This has chilling implications for our times

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Slayers 30 Day Challenge Day 26

26. Have you ever had a desktop photo of Slayers?

I’ve had many! I have a desktop timer that cycles through several hundred wallpapers. Not just Slayers, though. Tons of other shows, but there are a lot of Slayers ones. In fact, right now it’s a colorized one of Lina and Gourry looking deeply into each other’s eyes....Inspiration! And it just changed to one of Lina being Lina.



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