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What I'm Looking Forward to in San Diego!

Next week, I will be in San Diego. It took awhile because it just seemed so far off, but I am in full excitement mode now and ready to go. Andy is going down for a work convention, and we're leaving the kids with my folks for a lot of reasons. Airfare is expensive, I don't want to do big vacations with them before they'll have memories of it, and with Andy being at a conference all day it would be a lot for me to entertain them on my own, etc. I'm looking forward to having a parenting break, though a bit nervous because I've never been away from them for a whole week before. So I'm feeling the tug between "Woohoo, week without the kids!" and massive, massive guilt. Though they both adore my parents and I'm sure they'll have a blast on the Gulf Coast (but with no alligators, alligators are making me panicky right now)!

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OITNB Season 4, Spoilers Edition


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OITNB Season 4

I promised myself this year I wouldn't rush through it and finish it faster than everyone else I knew. And I failed. I finished it last night, and I was a mess of tears by the end of it. So now I've finished it, I'm waiting for my friends to catch up, choking on spoilers, and have one hell of a cliff hanger. Much as I love binge watching, the fact that it is a whole year before these cliff hangers gets resolved rather than months is hard.

A few non-spoilery thoughts below.

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OK, I got through episode 7 last night, and I think Piper is now on my short list for most detested character ever. I'm generally am not a revenge person but I'm ready to see her reap what she's sown.

Other thoughts, a spinoff with the inmates adjusting to life after prison would be interesting. Especially Lorna . The clash of fantasy and reality with her and her husband would be hilarious.


Homeschooling Update

I had a my monthly meeting with the director of B's therapy program today and discussed concerns about replicating things they are doing and him getting burned out on activities. She was very helpful, and said that next month his new case manager will be a former special ed kinder teacher who can help us figure out what we need to work on that won't be a double dose of what he is doing there. So for now I'm suspending the homeschooling until we get that figured out, likely something I should have done first. I used to do those activities with him and he used to enjoy it with me, but that was before he started therapy, and now he's doing it for 20 hours a week, I think it's just too much.

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Homeschooling: Week One

And...this is going to need some rethinking.

Monday morning B had a hard time adding a morning activity to the schedule. Typically mornings are breakfast, getting dressed, perhaps a quick walk if there's time, but lately they've been getting up later so there isn't, and leaving. Getting dressed is something that until recently has been an hour long activity, so it's not as if we're very rushed (in fact, I think the secret to parenting a child with autism is to not be in a rush, so I always make sure to start to process of getting him ready an hour before we need to leave, and if we have extra time, we can do something fun). Lately B has been getting better at dressing without a fuss so we tend to consistently have about an hour to do something with. But while G was excited about the activity, B threw a little tantrum. Just as I got him interested, G got frustrated from his tantrum from earlier and threw one of her own. By then I was happy it was time to leave.

And in the afternoon, there was this "I've been doing therapy for five hours, I don't want to do another structured activity" vibe from him. On Tuesday I even let him have an hour to play on his own, and he still wasn't too interested in doing something structured.

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Ghost Tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards

Andy won a ghost tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards through his work. I've never been on one, so I was very excited to go. We met at the Cowtown Winery and got a free glass of wine, which was hands down the best we've ever had and we bought two bottles before we left. At any rate, I think alcohol is kind of essential to get the group in a silly mood. About four people came in, already quite tipsy, right before the tour began. Strange, before I worked with substance use I could never tell when someone was drunk, but those days are over.

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Herstory in the Making

Unlike the vast majority of people born in he US, my children have only known the presidency under a black man. And now, we are one step closer to having our first female president. I told my kiddos today, and they were too young to understand or care. But their first memories will hopefully be of having a female president. Considering that until seven years ago only white men have held the office, this is historic and special.

And, I do want to make this point, Clinton won in the same system she lost in in 2008. She won because she appealed to minorities. Sanders who rails against income inequality and can't admit that there are racial prejudices that hold minorities back, didn't. And in a family where every member but my daughter seems to have a disability (I have learning differences and am possibly on the spectrum, Andy has mild cerebral palsy, B has autism, G is strangely normal in all this), Clinton is also the only one reaching out to us. She has a plan to help families who have children with autism, and she also has also addressed the subminimum wage, something that never gets mentioned during the minimum wage debate. Clinton earned this nomination by listening to diverse groups of people about their struggles, by talking to people who politicians usually do not listen to, and asking "how can I help?"

Sanders, meanwhile, rails against Wall Street and says the patronizing, "I know what is best for you!"

The only downside in this for me is the fact that right now a white man is complaining that a system that has been rigged in his favor since the US was created is rigged against him because a woman has now been able to do what no other woman has done before. A female politician would not be able to point our the structural sexism of the system that has kept her back without losing her career. But the white man is free to whine away. Like Obama's run in 2008 exposed how far we still have to go, Clinton's run has done the same thing.

However, I'm optimistic that she will beat Trump, and that we will finally have a female president!

Snakes, Why Did it Have to Be Snakes

So I was walking home from the park and saw this in my path between me and the gate I cross to get back into the neighborhood. FUCK! OMG! I hate snakes! Spiders, mice, cockroaches, wasps, bees, etc, don't phase me one iota, and I love little lizards and frogs and toads, but SNAKES!?!?!?!?! KILL THEM ALL!!!!

I have seen so many this year! We didn't have freeze and with all the rain they are out in abundance! I'm getting scared to go outside. Usually I see about one snake a year. This is the seventh I've seen this year! Nope!

Anyway, it finally slithered into the grass and I ran like the wind down the sidewalk passed it before it could turn around and get me. Next up, relax and unwind with Andy while watching "Zombieland", lol.

Fanfic Update

Overall don't expect much for June. OINTB comes out in a few weeks, and with all of the rain we've been having I've not been able to get out for my walks, which is when I think through my ideas. Also, my business is picking up so I'm busier making a living, and I'm adding homeschooling and lesson planning to my day, so my free time is starting to dry up.

The Choice: Those who were enjoying this one will be glad to know I have the next chapter outlined, hopefully I'll get out something soon.

Slayers Resolution: I've got most of chapter 14 written, but not polished. I'm also going to get the next three written before I start churning this out again so I can keep it on a weekly schedule. So I'm thinking July I'll get back with this.

Mother of the Groom: Something light and funny after all the angst with Ghost of the Protector. A wrench is thrown in Lina and Gourry's wedding plans when Gourry's mother arrives in Zefiel City after she runs away from the Elmekian Empire one week before the wedding.



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